March 19-21  2021 SWICA Spring Conference

SWICA will be holding our inaugural Spring Regional Conference. At this time, we are planning on conducting it online via Zoom. For those that remember the West Coast Communities Conference of 2017, we will build on that to bring together our South-West communities to become even more interactive and cohesive, so we truly can say we are a Regional Community. 

The Theme for 2021 is "Community Where You Are". How can we build cooperative society where we already live? How can we best include residents that are in our neighborhood? How can we get the word out to people that don't even know what Intentional Community is? 

Co-Sponsored by: Foundation for Intentional Community 

                          California Co-Housing

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Conference Schedule

Please note: Before and after sessions for at least 30 minutes, the channel will remain open for participants.


6pm Starting Your New Community Effectively 

Diana L Christian, Opening Speaker (90 min)


8am - Community Building in Eugene and Portland, Oregon 

Jan Spencer (90 min)

10am - Community Where You Accidentally Live 

Lois Arkin, Keynote Speaker (60-90 min)

12noon - Lunch and Fun (120 min)

2pm - Encouraging Diversity 

Crystal Farmer (60-90 min)

4pm - NeighborNet Pods 

Steve Fuji (60 min)

5:30pm - Forming "Laser Heights" House 

Carla Truax (60-90 min)


9am – Bringing Good People In 

Werner Kontara (30-60 min)

10:30am - Planning Our Post-Covid Future 

Panel Disc & Summit Lois, Diana, Crystal, Steve; Werner as moderator 

"What do we feel is important from here on out for the community movement, considering the changing landscape?"

12noon - Closing Ceremony


December 19 - 2020 SWICA Holiday Summit Gathering

In a survey done by the LA Summit group, the vast majority of topics people were interested in had to do with getting along.  And what to do when we don't.  At this Summit Gathering, our theme therefore will be "Bringing Good People In".  How are communities currently finding and qualifying interested people?  What other ways may there be to bring in people that can get along with others and contribute meaningfully?

Learn all about the South West Intentional Communities Alliance and how we plan to provide the resources and platform necessary for anyone in the intentional community world to connect with each other as well as build and grow from whatever stage they are in. Meet and introduce your community to other attendees and potential community seekers.